FKI House

Location: HIgashikurume, Tokyo
Architects: UAo
Project Leader: Mari Ito , Yuki Tarumi
Structural engineers: Kanebako Structural Engineers
General constructors: Hanabusa Construction

Site area: 71m2
Building area: 42m2
Total floor area: 72m2
Structure: RC frame; 2 stories
Principal use: private residence

Layering of scenes


This house was constructed on a narrow site just outside of Tokyo where there are many ordinary wooden suburban houses. On this site, we decided to arrange a concrete volume to create the beautiful contrast with those houses. On the other hand, the exterior concrete wall was made with a surface wood-grain, and also it is a house-shaped form to match the surrounding houses.


We arranged house-shaped form architecture on the residential district close to Tokyo of old wooden houses. Wood-gain concrete facade symbolized surrounding wooden buildings. In this house there are various devices so a family living here can find various personal space.The floor substitutes the table,chair and bed.The kitchen countertop expands to be a work desk and living floor.We can find new personal spaces.