KMB House

Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Architects: UAo
Project Leader: Mari Ito , Yuki Tarumi ,Yuta Shano
Structural engineers: Kanebako Structural Engineers
General constructors: Shansho Construction
Photographer:Daici Ano

Site area: 62m2
Building area: 32m2
Total floor area: 81m2
Structure: Wood frame; 3 stories
Principal use: private residence

Elegant "irregular shape"design for small space

The site is "Packing type- land for sale in lots" that divided a lot of lots for sale. irregular shape is only 2M wide it means a size by entering of one car . Then, we effectively used the entire space and we proposed "journey" circulation which mean of the device not to feel narrowness.From the entrance, continued to draw the circulation of an up to the sky, while drawing the curve just like a to climb the mountain slowly, sit down on the whereabouts of the middle way.where you can experience the changing scenery in the "journey" circulation and this space is there is a break point in the flow "journey" circulation to a variety of views and the changing place.